What to consider when choosing plants for your bathroom

by Rosie Michiaels 06/10/2024

If you're interested in finding the best plants for your bathroom, there are several things to consider. Everything from the size, orientation and features of the room can help you determine which plants will thrive in your indoor environment. Here are some of the key things to consider when choosing plants for your bathroom:


While many houseplants are tolerant of lower light conditions, all plants need some light to survive. Therefore, if you don't have a window in your bathroom, you might consider a miniature grow lamp to simulate sunlight during the day. Otherwise, a bathroom window is an excellent spot for a plant, especially if it faces south. Make a note of how bright your bathroom is during the day without any lights turned on and make your plant selection carefully.


Even very bright bathrooms might get too cold for houseplants to thrive. In many homes, bathroom temperatures can fluctuate dramatically, especially in the winter months. Consider this carefully if you're wanting to add plants to your bathroom environment, and choose hardier options that won't wilt if the room gets cold at night.


While it's safe to say bathrooms have a higher humidity level than other parts of the home, not all bathrooms are created equal. For example, a guest or secondary bathroom that's less frequently used won't have as much humidity as the primary bathroom where you shower regularly. Think about the type of ventilation or heat you have in the bathroom, as well. Forced-air heaters are great for making a bathroom toasty, but can dry out your plants no matter how many showers you take.


Finally, it's important to acknowledge space--or lack thereof. If you have a small bathroom, try hanging plants from the wall or ceiling. You can also opt for smaller plants for windowsills or bathroom counter spaces without taking up too much precious usable space.

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